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High School League

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Represent your school!

  • Ongoing ladders throughout the school year
  • Structured and well governed tournament
  • Exclusive to Australian High School Students
  • Develop real world skills: Teamwork, communication
  • Jump into the world of esports & kickstart your career

Play in one or more of the following:

Be aware that an online subscription may be required for console players

  • 3v3 Rocket League
  • 1v1 Rocket League
  • 5v5 DOTA 2
  • 1v1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

How do I sign-up?

*Signups to the AEL High School league are closed

1. Discord

Players are required to join the AEL High School discord server

Once you are in please comment with the name of your school as well as the game(s) you will be competing in and one we have verified that you are a student you will be given a role

All communication between players and tournament officials will be done through discord. If you are having difficulty with the signup process please reach out to either AEL | Scoot or AEL | Nitro.

AEL High School Discord

2. AEL Player ID

Players are required to have an ‘AEL Player ID’

You can get this by filling out the AEL Player form??and you will recieve an email with your AEL Player ID

You will need to pass this on to your team captain for the next step.

AEL Player form

3. AEL Signups

Every player on a team will need a Mogul account to sign up you can create that here:

Once you have gathered your team (all players must be from the same Australian High School) select your game from this list:

  • 3v3 Rocket League
  • 1v1 Rocket League
  • DOTA 2
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

and fill out the form

After you have hit submit you will recieve an email containing the bracket password

For team games only the captain will need to complete this step.


Head to and login with your Mogul acount

You will need to verify the game(s) you are playing by going to ‘My Games’, selecting it and following the prompts

For team games:

Team captains will then need to create their team by going to ‘Teams’ and clicking the ‘Create Team’ button and following the prompts and inviting all players from their team.

Lastly captains will need to use the bracket password they recieved in the email at the end of step 3 to join the tournament throught the AEL Mogul Hub

For solo games:

Players will need to use the bracket password they recieved in the email at the end of step 3 to join the tournament throught the AEL Mogul Hu

AEL Mogul Hub

5. Play to win

Brush up on the rules and start challenging others!

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